Why are three candidates running together?

One board member cannot implement policy changes; the board typically needs at least three votes to enact change. Therefore, to move Louisville forward, we need three people united by a clear, strong goal for the district and community: the students' best interests and needs must be at the heart of every decision.  

Why have confidence in teachers as board members?

The candidates’ diverse backgrounds in education bring experience and high expectations to the district. Their livelihoods as educators consist of over 65 years of combined K-12 experience in various classroom settings (i.e., public schools, home instruction, and post-secondary). Not only did the candidates value their roles as educators inside the classroom, they went above and beyond the call of duty as coaches, advisors to extracurricular clubs, community volunteers, and served in leadership positions on the staff. The candidates also have a collective number of six post-secondary degrees. Their pursuance of both bachelor’s and master’s degrees and post-graduate work prepared them to provide the best possible educational experience for their students.

What is a home instructor and how does it differ from a public school teacher?

Public school students who have a long term absence (typically six weeks or more) due to a documented medical issue may be put on home instruction. The student is assigned a tutor who acts as a liaison between home and school. A home instructor’s duties include picking up and dropping off completed makeup work, administering tests, communicating with school staff, and assisting the student transition back to the classroom with an understanding of all materials and concepts taught in each subject.

What is the single biggest issue facing Louisville City Schools in light of the current financial status?

There is a lack of trust between the school staff, administration, and the Louisville community. Open communication and transparency are needed to restore these relationships so the community and district can unite to pass a renewal levy. Without this renewal, drastic cuts will need to be made, and our students will lose in academics, athletics and the fine arts. Repairing relationships to build community support is essential if we hope to provide students with an excellent education and opportunities to thrive in and out of the classroom.