Rick Crislip, Barb DeJacimo, and Bill Wyss strive to restore and retain local control of the district to provide a well-rounded and high quality education for our students.


Meet the Candidates

Rick Crislip


Knowing it is time to refocus and elect school board leaders who value open communication and transparency, Rick Crislip will fight for the best interests of our students, schools, and community.

Barb DeJacimo


Barb DeJacimo believes our children are the heart and future of the Louisville community. She wants to provide the highest quality academic, fine arts, and extra-curricular programs for our students.

Bill Wyss

Eager to continue serving Louisville, Bill Wyss’s long history in education brings the vision, experience, and understanding our community deserves and expects from our Board of Education.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are three candidates running together? What is a home instructor? What is the single biggest issue facing Louisville Schools? Answers to these and other common questions can be found on our FAQ page.